Royalty Free Stock Logo Designs by ColorMagic

  1. Seagulls Against Ocean Sunset with Rolling Blue Waves
  2. Diverse Teamwork People Forming a Colorful Circle
  3. Tree Trunk Person Holding up Different Shades of Green Leaves
  4. Colorful Circle of People Working As a Team
  5. Multi-Color Team of People over Swooshes
  6. Multi-Color Diverse Human Hands Forming a Teamwork Circle
  7. Yellow and Blue Human Hands Reaching Towards Each Other
  8. Diverse Human Hands Reaching up Together
  9. Multi-Blue Color Waves
  10. Colorful Teamwork People Standing Together in a Circle
  11. Blue Bird Flying over Full Sun
  12. Colorful Happy People Cheering over a Wave
  13. Young Woman's Face with Pixels
  14. A Blue Fish Leaping Opposite Direction of an Orange School
  15. Colorful Human Hands Symbolizing Teamwork
  16. Shining Light Bulb - Colorful Abstract Sketched Theme
  17. Recycle Arrows from Three Orange Gold Fish
  18. Cheering People Forming Trees
  19. Multi-Color Circle of People Holding Hands
  20. Multi-Colored Teamwork Circle of 4 People Working Together
  21. Black and Red Love Hearts
  22. Human Feet Forming a Red Love Heart
  23. Mulit-Blue Skyscraper with Sunsetting Behind
  24. Migratory Birds Flying in V Formation Against a Sun
  25. Silhouetted Palm Tree and Yellow Sunset
  26. Green Energy Light Bulb with Leaves
  27. Flag Design Yellow Businessman Cheering over Blue
  28. Colorful Happy Smiling Connected Puzzle Pieces
  29. Black Music Note Merched into Orange Squares
  30. Love Heart Made of Green Leaves
  31. Tree Person with Green Leaves
  32. Cheering Person with Arms Framing a Love Heart Made of Green Leaves
  33. Happy Group of Red Orange and Blue Cheering and Jumping People with Leaves
  34. Team Circle of Colorful Cheering People Holding Hands and Forming a Flower or Snowflake
  35. Orange and Red Hearts Connected and Linked like a Puzzle Piece
  36. Multi-Color Human Hands Forming a Teamwork Circle
  37. Blue Waves and Water Drops
  38. Multi-Colored Square Cross Design
  39. Orange Mandala Floral Design
  40. Green Wind Farm with 5 Windmills
  41. Group of 4 People Concept Symbolizing Teamwork Unity
  42. Teamwork People United in a Circle with Lots of Green Plant Leaves
  43. Hand with Love Heart
  44. 3 Red Orange and Black City Skyscrapers
  45. Teamwork Unity Group of Colorful People Cheering Together
  46. A Colorful Happy Teamwork Unity Circle
  47. Home Roof Tops Within a Blue Circle - MultiColor Theme
  48. Multicolor Neighborhood with 9 Homes
  49. Multicolor Circle of Homes
  50. Neighborhood with 3 Different Colored Homes - Blue, Red, Yellow
  51. Home with Smoke Rising from Chimney - Black Outline Version
  52. Love Heart Made of Colorful Speech Balloons
  53. 3 Different Colored Fish with Air Bubbles
  54. Group of 16 White Fish Schooling Together As a Team in Deep Blue Water
  55. Yellow Fish Forming Circle like Sun
  56. Diverse Group of Fish Schooling Together
  57. Teamwork Group of Colorful Human Hands Reaching
  58. Silhouetted Woman's Face with Red Lipstick in a Purple Circle
  59. Yellow Cheering Character
  60. Geometric Home - Colorful Theme
  61. Green Prayer or Namaste Hands
  62. Teamwork Circle of Colorful Diverse People
  63. Exotic Birds in a Blue and Orange Circle
  64. Paintbrush Under Mountain Scene with Birds and Hot Air Balloons
  65. Teamwork Trio of Blue Red and Orange People Performing Together
  66. Tree Trunk Person Holding up Different Shades of Green Leaves - Drop Shadow Version
  67. Black Hands Handling a Red Love Heart
  68. Praying Hands Within a Square
  69. Abstract Burst of Colorful Triangles
  70. Yellow and Navy Blue Dolphins Circling Each Other
  71. Team of Colorful Cheering People in a Circle
  72. Multi-Color Circle of Cheering People
  73. Multi-Color Circle of Colorful People Praying
  74. Multi-Color Circle of Cheering People with Arms up
  75. Multi-Race Circle of People Holding Hands
  76. Circle of Colorful Cheering People Forming a Burst
  77. Colored People Forming Teamwork Circle
  78. Group of Yellow People with a Black Leader Forming a Teamwork Circle
  79. Teamwork Circle of Colorful People
  80. Black People Forming a Red Orange Love Heart Teamwork Circle
  81. White Coffee Beans Inside a Red Love Heart
  82. Black Person Forming a Giant Red Orange Love Heart
  83. Multi-Color Flower Petals or Droplets Forming a Circle
  84. Black and Gray Commercial Skyscrapers
  85. Pair of White Prayer or Namaste Hands in a Red Circle
  86. Silhouetted Migratory Birds Flying in V Formation Against a Sun on Blue
  87. Tree with Leaves over a Yellow Sun
  88. Gradient Four Colored Gift Box with a Black Bow
  89. Digital Camera and Shadow on Blue
  90. White Person with Hands on a Steering Wheel over Blue
  91. Pair of White and Yellow Fish Floating over Blue
  92. Circle Wreath Made of Green Leaves
  93. Group of Green Leaves
  94. Circle with Green Leaves Inside
  95. Team Circle of Abstract People
  96. Team Circle of Abstract Colorful People Forming a Gear
  97. Team of Colorful Cheering People Holding Hands Around a Target
  98. Yellow and Red Hearts Shaking Hands
  99. Flat Red Love Heart with Text
  100. Speech Balloons Connected - Black and Orange Theme
  101. Blue Rain Clouds with Water Drops
  102. Multi Colored Ink Flowing from Pen Nib
  103. Black, Red and Orange Wing Wave Shape Concept
  104. Multi-color Windmill
  105. Black Man Peace Sign Concept
  106. Black, Blue and Orange Waves - Abstract Concept
  107. Unity Teamwork Circle of Colorful People Huddled
  108. Unity Team Circle of Yellow People and a Blue Boss
  109. Black Outlined Light Bulb with Yellow over Blue Gradient Background
  110. Colorful Circles Around a Powerful Burst - Abstract Concept
  111. Colorful Circle Donut Shape
  112. Multi-Color Abstract Circle People Forming a Teamwork Gear
  113. Multi-Color Teamwork Circle of People Standing Together
  114. Teamwork Black People Formimage Red Orange Love Heart Circle
  115. White Commercial Airplane Flying Through Red Love Heart
  116. Black Person Holding Love Hearts
  117. Red and Black Love Heart People Entwined
  118. Colorful Flower Design
  119. Multi-Color Ribbons Forming a Teamwork Circle
  120. Multi-Color Droplets Forming a Circle
  121. Multi-Color Abstract Bursting Circle with Other Circles Orbiting
  122. Urban Red Skyscraper
  123. Orange and Yellow Instant Messenger Chat Balloons over Blue
  124. Blue White and Black Target
  125. Red Black and Yellow Target
  126. Colorful Fan or Target
  127. Tree with Colorful Autumn Leaves
  128. Tree with Colorful Autumn Leaves
  129. Square of Abstract Yellow Orange Navy and Blue Triangles
  130. Square of Abstract Yellow Orange and Blue Triangles
  131. Colorful Infinity Spiral Circle
  132. Green Leaf Design with Three Leaves
  133. Team of Colorful Cheering People over a Swoosh and Light on Black
  134. Yellow and Orange Embracing Heart Shaped Couple over Blue
  135. Heart Tree, over Black
  136. Circle of Diverse Colorful Hearts
  137. 3d Blue Cubic Box and Letter M
  138. Red Love Heart with Long Shadow over Brown Circle - Flat Design
  139. Multi-Color Diverse Hands Forming a Teamwork Circle
  140. Couple Family Tree - Yellow, Orange, Blue Theme
  141. Autumn Tree with Orange, Red, Yellow Foliage
  142. Colorful Leaves on a Black Arm and Hand Tree Trunk
  143. Colorful Leaves on a Black Woman Tree Trunk
  144. Tree with Green Leaves Composited over Black Hand
  145. Outlined Colorful Arms and Hands Forming Circle
  146. Colorful Arms and Hands Forming Circle
  147. Red Love Heart with Hands
  148. Green and Red Couple Kissing
  149. Colorful Stacked Lotus Flower Tower
  150. Colorful Lotus Flower
  151. Mandala Floral Design in Orange
  152. Mandala Floral Design in Orange
  153. Mandala Design in Orange
  154. Mandala Design in Orange
  155. Mandala Flower Wreath
  156. Mandala Floral
  157. Mandala Floral in Orange
  158. Mandala Floral Design in Orange Color
  159. Orange Mandala Floral
  160. 6-Pointed Orange Mandala Floral Design
  161. Human Blue Eye and a Clockwise Arrow
  162. Clockwise Arrows
  163. Orange Circuit Board Human Eye
  164. Red Circuit Board Human Eye
  165. Red and Blue Love Heart Human Eye
  166. Multi-Colored Grass-like Plant
  167. 8-Pointed Multi-Colored Circle
  168. Multi-Colored 8-Pointed Star Circle
  169. Multi-Colored Circle of Rings
  170. Multi-Colored Swirled Hexagon
  171. Woman's Torso Feature over XXX
  172. Multi Colored Baby Carriage Cover
  173. Multi Colored Circle Icon
  174. Woman's Torso Logo Icon
  175. Multi-Color Star Logo Icon
  176. Colored Hexagon Logo Icon
  177. Multi-Colored Hexagon Logo Icon
  178. Multi-Color Hexagons Logo
  179. Multi-Color Hexagon Logo Icon
  180. Multi-Color Ring Logo Icon
  181. Multi-Color Cross Logo Icon
  182. Blue, Yellow and Orange Circles Logo Icon
  183. Multi-Color Bubbles Logo Icon
  184. Three Transparent Thought Shapes Overlapping Each Other
  185. Red Love Heart with Drop Shadow
  186. People Above Sample Text: Teamwork
  187. Yellow Person Hugging Hearts Forming a Love Heart with Sample Text: Love Our Planet
  188. Red Heart with LOVE Sample Text
  189. Deciduous Tree with Green Spring Leaves
  190. Deciduous Tree with Green Spring Leaves with Drop Shadow
  191. Deciduous Tree with Green Leaves