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Nomos is a privacy-preserving, sovereign, modular blockchain that will serve as a scalable trustless agreements layer for Logos.

Privacy preserving: Nomos offers network-level privacy for users, developers and infrastructure providers. This includes giving developers building apps on Nomos and validators securing the network the ability to shield identifying information like location and transaction details.

Sovereign: Nomos' innovative execution layer enables digital communities and network states to customise parameters while benefiting from the shared security of the wider chain. Users may remain on the initial blockchain, fork and migrate to a new one with their own rules, or be on both. This flexibility gives network state participants local sovereignty and freedom of movement.

Modular: Nomos has a modular architecture separating data availability, coordination and execution layers. Modular design is essential for combining decentralisation with scalability. Understanding technology's exponential progress, Nomos is designed to enable seamless integration of the latest advances in zero-knowledge cryptography and similar emerging fields.

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