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Logos is a continuation of the original cypherpunk movement, which advocated for the widespread use of strong cryptography and technologies that enhance privacy and self sovereignty. At its core, Logos is a grassroots collective of like-minded people, unified in our belief in protecting human rights and defending against tyranny through technology.

Logos understands that cultures precede nations and nations precede states. As such, we are not building a community, but rather nurturing a citizenry with its own cultural and political identity. Building on its legacy, Logos is a re-imagination of the early internet, capable of evolving shared traditions, history, myths, legends, and eventually governance. At the moral centre, our citizens share the universal character strengths found across cultures: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence.

Logos is a liberated piece of cyberspace, where together we can form a new social contract, guided by a common court law system and voluntary, consensus based governing services. These systems are designed for plurality and hard-coded to respect fundamental human rights.