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Waku is the peer-to-peer communication layer for the Logos network state. It removes centralised third parties from messaging, enabling private, scalable, censorship-resistant communication.

Private: Waku leverages cutting-edge zero-knowledge encryption to guarantee all messaging and associated metadata benefit from rock-solid privacy, protecting users from third-party intervention.

Censorship resistant: Decentralised human and machine communication, with no single point of failure. Waku’s native incentivization mechanism stimulates an expanding node distribution, promoting an increasingly secure network.

Modular: Waku protocols are adaptive, and can be customised based on unique demands. Waku is built to flourish even in resource-restricted environments like browsers and mobile devices.

Scalable: Waku employs message sharding for efficient throughput, while its discovery protocol ensures a user only connects to nodes serving messages they are interested in.

Waku is in production and is actively being used by projects like Status, Railgun, and WalletConnect v2.

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